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Reverse Phone Book

Reverse Phone BookThe astounding increase in cell phone usage is a remarkable technological advancement in society. People don’t just talk on their phones anymore.  They also use their phones to watch movies, work on computer, play games, and more.  There’s one huge problem that has arisen now that such a large percentage of the USA’s population uses cell phones instead of land lines.  You can’t look up someone’s cell phone number using land line directories like the White Pages or Yellow Pages.  In fact, those types of directories are practically obsolete.  The reason their usefulness is expiring is because they don’t incorporate the thousands  – sometimes millions – of cell phone numbers used in a given zip code.  Cell phone numbers are not listed in any directories that are readily accessible to the public.  That’s where Reverse Phone Book comes in.  Our service is the perfect solution to the problematic aspect of the cell phone phenomenon and much more.

 Types of Searches

You may have believed, like many others, that only detectives and law enforcement officials have access to investigative tools that the general public isn’t privy to.  But the truth is that you can find out a great deal of information about a person or business using the same tools that private eyes use every day.  This information isn’t free to the public, but it is available to the public through a reverse phone book.  In practically the blink of an eye, we can help you find information using only:

  • A name,
  • A phone number,
  • A physical address, or
  • An email address

 Basic and Advanced Reports

You can choose to do a basic or an advanced reverse phone book search with our service.  With the basic report you can learn:

  1. Name — The name of a person who owns a particular phone number or lives at a particular address.
  2. Phone — The phone number of an individual or a business.
  3. Email –  The email address of the person or business you’re investigating.
  4. Address – The billing address and possible residence of a phone number’s owner.

With an advanced report, you can learn additional information, such as:

  1. Criminal records – Find out if a person’s background includes criminal activity.
  2. Court Records – Learn whether there are criminal or civil court filings tied to the person you’re investigating.
  3. Bankruptcies & Liens – As part of public records that are available in certain databases, you can find out whether a person or business has filed bankruptcy or has liens against them now or in the past.
  4. Marriage and Divorce Records – If someone is claiming to be single and you suspect otherwise, you can learn whether there are any marriage or divorce records associated with that person.
  5. Property Ownership – Among the public records accessed in an advanced search is information about property ownership.
  6. Address History – You can learn a person’s past and present addresses with an advanced search.
  7. Relatives and Associates – The information obtained on the numerous databases accessed through the reverse phone book can even be broad enough to include the names of relatives and associates of the person you are investigating.


Privacy laws enforced by federal agencies can be a factor which hinders the effectiveness of a search using a reverse phone book.  Unlisted numbers are unavailable to the general public, and it can be impossible to learn anything about a person with an unlisted phone number due to strictly enforced privacy laws.

There are also guidelines for the use of our services.  You cannot use our Reverse Phone Book service to find individuals for the following purposes:

  • To build a news story.
  • For any purpose which could potentially cause harm of a physical or emotional nature to the subject of the report.
  • To find information regarding individuals involved in an adoption.
  • To learn information about famed celebrities or government officials.
  • To research a person’s eligibility for (1) insurance or credit for personal, family, or household purposes or (2) a government license or benefit.
  • For any purposes which are outside your stated normal business practices.
  • For pre-employment or tenant screening.
  • For skip tracing purposes, due to inaccuracies which inherently exist in public records.

The types of information you will not gain access to with reverse phone lookup are of a sensitive personal nature, such as:  credit card and financial data, medical records, passwords, insurance records, driving records, employment history, social security records, or other non-public information. The information made available to you through a reverse phone lookup is publicly available data.  The data isn’t created by eVerify, nor is it verified or guaranteed to be accurate.

No Hit No Fee Policy

 It’s important to note that we have a No Hit No Fee policy.  This policy is for your benefit and is our guarantee that if your telephone number search doesn’t produce any results, your account will not be charged.  The funds are internally credited, not returned to your credit card or PayPal account.