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Find peopleYou could go through your entire life without needing to know how to find people.  But then an important occasion comes along and suddenly all you can think about is whether you can do a free people search to locate all of your past friends and your long lost family members.  Actually, there are limitless possible reasons that you may need to use a reverse phone book.  Hopefully, it didn’t take you long to get here at because we use literally billions of data sources to help our clients find people.  It’s what we’re good at.  And while our services aren’t free, we do offer a 5-day Trial Membership for just $1.

Getting What You Paid For

There’s a difference between the way things work now and the way things worked when the White Pages and Yellow Pages were the number one source for finding people.  The change is primarily linked to cell phones.  Did you know that, according to research, over 70% of the world population now has a cell phone?  That’s astounding!  Right here in the USA the reason the cell phone phenomenon makes it difficult to “people find” is because there isn’t a directory that pools together all of the data from the many cell phone companies in order to provide a comprehensive cell phone number book.

In other words, it costs money to access cell phone directories and find people using only their name.

When you use our services, you are given access to a lot more than cell phone directories.  We pull public information from eVerify, web pages, public records, and much more.  We are a great people finder company because you can find people using only:

  • A phone number
  • A name
  • A physical address, or
  • An email address

When Not to Use

The service we offer is a life-saver for many reasons, such as when you don’t know someone’s phone number or you have a phone number but no name.  But there are some things you’re not supposed to use our service for, including:

  • If you are simply looking for fodder for a news story.
  • To investigate private details about famous celebrities or government officials.
  • To determine whether or not a person is eligible for a government benefit or license.
  • To determine whether a person qualifies for insurance or credit for personal or household purposes.
  • For tenant screening pre-employment investigation.
  • For skip tracing purposes (this is because of inaccuracies which inherently exist in public records).
  • For any purpose linked to potential physical or emotional harm to the subject of the report.

You won’t be able to find the phone number of a person who has an unlisted number, due to privacy laws.

An Advanced Search Reveals Criminal Activity

If you do a basic search to find people, you gain basic information such as name, address, and phone number; and that may be all you need.  But if you get an advanced report, you can learn a lot more about the person you’re investigating, such as whether or not they have any criminal activity in their background.

There may be times when you want to discreetly check on someone’s background, whether it’s your daughter’s new boyfriend or a man you’re thinking about marrying.  The truth is that sometimes people aren’t honest about their background, and there’s nothing wrong with making sure that what you’re getting into isn’t something you’ll regret.

Criminal activity is part of the data included in public records, which you’ll have access to in an advanced search.  You could even be considering which relative to put in your will to care for your children, and you may not want a relative with a serious criminal background to be your childrens’ backup caregivers.

For whatever reason that you need to find people, can help.