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Avoid Scammers With a Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse phone lookupPeople who are otherwise intelligent are always on the lookout for effective new ways to scam people over the telephone, and a reverse phone lookup is one of the best ways to avoid an encounter with one of these swindlers.  Anytime you receive a call from a number that’s unfamiliar to you, answering it could mean falling prey to a tempting scheme.  Using our reverse phone number lookup is a great way to outsmart scammers.

Three Scams You Can Avoid with A Phone Reverse Lookup

If you’ve never conducted a reverse phone lookup, the good news is that the service is incredibly simple to use.  You enter a phone number you’re unfamiliar with and an investigative report is generated in mere seconds, to solve the mystery of who is calling you.  The following are three excellent reasons to do research on an unknown caller:

  1. Scammers are good at what they do.  Before they ever dial your phone number, they already have a scheme figured out that is very likely to draw you in like a fly caught in a spider web.  They’ll perhaps have you thinking that they’re from your bank or maybe even from the Internal Revenue Service.  That’s when they move on to their real reason for calling.The theft of your identity is often the goal of dishonest callers.  They want you to reveal personal information that will make it possible for them access your bank accounts or credit cards.  So when someone calls and convinces you of their identity somehow and then proceeds to ask you for the last four digits of your social security number or your mother’s maiden name, don’t share the information.  They may only need one more bit of data to wipe you out financially.
  2. Another phone scam that you can prevent with a reverse cell phone lookup is referred to as “slamming.”  This scheme involves convincing unsuspecting victims to change telephone providers.  They are very adept at talking you into signing on the dotted line without first going over the fine print.  The next phase of slamming is that your current cell phone provider will be informed that you’ve given an authorization to switch telephone companies.  Then you end up paying for miscellaneous charges that are included in your phone bill; this is called “cramming.”  These unauthorized charges could be assigned to services such as Internet access or voice mail fees.  Using a reverse phone lookup can prevent you from being a victim of slamming and cramming.  By verifying who is calling you, the scammers are exposed, and you are saved all the frustration and expense of being cheated on your phone bill.
  3. A well-known type of phone scam involves collect phone calls.  What generally happens is that you are advised by a telephone operator that a collect caller with an urgent message is on the line.  Although you may not recognize who the caller is, you’ll find yourself concerned that a family member may be in some kind of crisis.  You’ll be responsible for the phone charges; and on top of that, the scammer will try to glean personal information from you in order to access your credit cards or bank account.

 The Reverse Lookup Advantage

With all of the potential problems that can occur as a result of answering a ring from an unknown caller, a reverse phone lookup becomes a true asset.  Some of the things you can learn from a basic or advanced report include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Criminal Record
  • Relatives and other Associates
  • Email address

By investigating a caller’s identity, you can save yourself a lot of time, money, and unnecessary anxiety.